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This website provides statistics about renewable electricity generation and electricity demand in Europe. Renewable generation is a major driver of power prices and its development determines the future of European power markets.

With this website we provide information about renewable generation in Europe and its ability to capture value in the wholesale power markets. All data have been gathered from public sources and treated and cleaned by KYOS analysts with the greatest care.

Renewable capture rates

When renewable assets of the same generation source (wind, solar, hydro) produce simultaneously, this tends to depress the wholesale power prices. The captured price by the renewable technology is therefore often below the baseload price. This cannibalization effect is generally summarized in a % of the baseload price, the so-called capture rates.

The statistics from this website can be directly used in the KYOS Analytical Platform, our flagship software solution for the energy industry. The Platform is used to assess business cases of power generation and energy storage, price contracts (including PPAs), optimize trading decisions, forecast future power prices and optimally manage energy portfolios. It is in use by a large number of traders, analysts, investors, portfolio and risks managers to navigate successfully in today’s volatile energy markets.

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